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Is it just an ancient form of art? Or a real treatment?

Many are afraid of needles, but in this episode, we will dig in the thruth behind:

Acupuncture! It is believed that Acupuncture has many health benefits, and the ability to treat the mind… body… and spirit, simultaneously! The needles used in an Acupuncture treatment are both sterile and disposable, with a one-time use.

The human body has over 2,000 Acupuncture points, which are located along the 20 pathways or channels which carry our life force, Qi. There are 12 primary channels and 8 secondary or extraordinary vessels.

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Points are chosen according to symptoms which are reported by the patient, and also by the diagnosis obtained by the practitioner.

Diagnostic information may be made through examining the tongue, taking the pulse, and palpating the body in different areas. Many times, Herbal formulations are added to the treatment plan.

After treatment, needles are disposed of in medical waste, just as they are in a western doctor’s office or hospital!

Although several people still doubt the benefits of these procedures, studies show that Acupuncture has many benefits, and for thousands of years has helped many in need.

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