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Vata, Pitta or Kapha???

What is Your Dosha? Choose one of each line below and add up your answers. The highest number is your primary dosha


Thin as a child
Not a lot of sweating even when in the heat
Creative mind
Does not do well with routines- Likes to try different things
Enjoys exercising
Learns easily but forgets soon
“Unstable when making a decision- Changes mind easily”
Does not gain weight very easily
Prominent joints
Super tall or super short
Usually deposits fat around body middle line
Eyes are small, active gaze and usually dark
Eyes usually dry. The white part of the eye is not very bright
Tendency to dry, coarse and brittle hair
Hands and feet are usually cold and skin is cold to the touch
Dry skin, feet are iron to corns and callouses
Lips tend to get chapped
Nails are usually dry, brittle and uneven
Irregular bowel movements, tends toward constipation
Easily excitable, can suffer from anxiety and even panic attacks


Medium built as a child

Sweats easily even in the cold

Focused Mind- Likes to organize

Likes the planning of a routine

Enjoys competitive sports

Good short and long term memory

Very sharp and fast when faced with decision making

Can gain or lose when determined

Medium bone structure

Medium body shape

When gains weight, fat will be spread evenly

Medium size eyes- Usually amber or green

Eyes tend to get red easily

Hair tends to be fine and oily. Sometimes reddish or with warm tones

Skin is usually warm to the touch

Oily skin, prone to pimples and rashes

Lips are usually well formed and more towards red

Flexible nails, pinkish

Bowels loose and usually more than once a day

Gets angry easily, irritable


Large or chunky as a child

Sweat is moderate

Usually follows plans and stick with it

Enjoys to have a routine

Usually not a big fan of physical exercise

Takes longer to learn but once it does, does not forget

Takes long to make a decision

Gains weight easily and hard to loose

Heavy bones, large structure

Large body frame

Usually deposits fat around gluteus and thighs

Large and moist eyes

Sclera or white part of the eye is really white and bright

Hair is full, healthy and thick

Skin is usually cool to the touch

Skin is well lubricated

Full lips

Strong nails, large but pale in color

Full bowel movement once a day usually

Sensitive but usually calm and stable

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