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In Ayurveda, the ancient science of healing, it is believed that the summer time will aggravate or derange the Pitta energy in the body, that is, the energy that when exacerbated, will bring too much internal heat that might be responsible for certain physical imbalances. Pitta carries an energy that is hot, penetrating, oily, liquid and light. It moves fast, just like fire.

According to the ancient science, if one suffers from arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, irritability, eczema, rosacea, rashes and many other inflammation related ailments, it is time to change the diet dramatically especially in the summer.

The hot qualities of the pitta dosha can aggravate or create fever. The sharp qualities can cause irritation and even bleeding. Pitta is associated with the blood. The oily attribute of Pitta creates digestive sensitivity to certain fats and nuts resulting in upset stomach. Use drying flours such as chickpea to counteract this energy. Lemon juice and water can be a great combination to combat the oily attributes of this energy. The liquid attribute of pitta can cause a slower metabolism provoking stomach acidity and diarrhea. The light quality of the dosha can be responsible for even insomnia. The spreading nature (mobility) of pitta can cause or aggravate rashes, urticaria, psoriasis.

Herbs to favor- guduchi, neem, lotus, shatavari,

Spices to favor- Coriander, cilantro, turmeric avoid pungent tastes such as cayenne, chilli or mustard.

Teas to favor- hibiscus, rose, lemon water, aloe vera juice

Fruits and vegetables to favor- sweet grapes and raisins, juicy fruits such as pears, melons, apples, dates, sweet oranges and watermelon. Avoiding red meat due its post digestive heating qualities can help tame the hot energy. Fish is also believed to be heating. Engaging in a vegetarian diet at least for the summer, could help minimize inflammation and irritation, especially when related to skin issues.

Trying cooked veggies at night might help to add “heaviness” to the diet that could help with sleeping disorders during this season.

Oils to massage your body- coconut, sandalwood, lavender, sunflower


Be mindful- Take your time, do not rush, avoid alcohol and try to stay away from judgmental people and take walks early in the morning and at night. Taking cool showers will be very energizing !!! Go with the flow and enjoy the summer!

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