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The study is published in the International Journal of Cancer and also shared in the Medical News Today. According to scientists, by the end of 2020, over 1,800,000 people in the United States will receive a cancer diagnosis. This relationship can be an extremely helpful awareness on prevention. This particular time of day coincides with the same Ayurvedic approach of using high Kapha hours (especially morning) to fight stagnation and tissue over growth, when unbalanced. Kapha times of day are from 6-10 (am and pm)Mornings are partially more effective to increase metabolic functions compared to the slowing end of the day when the body is preparing for a more relaxed period and detoxification pitta time that comes later. This is another evidence that a person’s circadian rhythm or biological clock might have a direct relationship on cancer development. Those results were particularly relevant to the breast tissue (artava/stanyavaha srotas- female reproductive system)🐝#breastcancer#circadianrhythm#wellness#cancerprevention#Ayurveda#yogaandayurveda#exercisemotivation#yoga#healthiswealth#kapha#kaphadosha#beewellnews#beewellnews1#doshicvita#doshicvitaayurveda


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