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Ayurveda, a 5000 year-old Hindu science can be a great tool in disease prevention. It helps to understand the disease process and the possibilities of stopping it from developing as well as treating it. In order to be effective there is a certain level of understanding needed as well an understanding of the physical constitution (dosha) or prakruti of the person seeking treatment. Ayurveda is not a one size fits all kind of approach. It is based on the characteristics, vulnerabilities and strengths of each individual. Being aware of which dosha one is, is the the gate to the success of potential treatments and lifestyle techniques.

Ayurveda takes the premise that we are all part of nature, and as such we share the same principles, energies and energetic behavior of all matter and its qualities or gunas. The association with the elements_ air, space, fire and water, is an analogy of how those elements behave in nature.




After you take a doshic test, how can you understand the dynamics of the science?

VATA behaves like the air and space. It is an energy that is light, dry, cold, fast, erratic, mobile. Like the wind, it can be rough. If your primary dosha or prakruti is Vata, probably you deal with dry skin, joint issues, pain, nervousness, anxiety and fear just to name a few potential symptoms. One of the positive aspects of VATA is the super creative mind.

PITTA behaves like water and fire, mostly fire. It is an energy that is hot, oily, mobile, an energy that has the potentiality of transforming an element into something different, a metabolic process of mutation, just like a fire that changes a paper into ashes for example. If your primary dosha or prakruti is Pitta, probably you deal with all sorts of inflammations, sometimes anger, a competitive personality, a feeling that you need to achieve and accomplish no matter what. One of the positive aspects of PITTA is the intelligence and organizing ability.

KAPHA behaves like water and earth. It is an energy that is heavy, stable, wet, cold. If your primary dosha or prakruti is Kapha you are probably a little more laid back, emotionally more stable. When unbalanced this energy tends to get lethargic, prone to tissue growths such as tumors, depression and withdrawal.

Ok. That is very generic. It is just a glimpse in the name of understanding the Ayurvedic constitutional principle. But how can one manage those vulnerabilities? How can one prevent those negative aspects from taking form? The idea is to pacify the enhanced energies that are physically and physiologically overflowing the body. Understanding the principles of those energies and how they can get off track will open venues of bringing it back to balance and avoiding the development of those unbalances into disease patterns.

If all matter energy is aligned with nature, physical beings are each one a particular manifestation of those energies (nobody is alike), in order to attain homeostasis or balance, that relationship must be nurtured. As such, being aware of how to align with this energetic universe is the number one premise of success.

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